Episode 567: Maren Kate Donovan’s Zirtual connects high-quality, remote EAs with entrepreneurs, breaking wide open new opportunities for employment & hiring

Today Jason sits down with an incredible entrepreneur, Maren Kate Donovan, Founder and CEO of Zirtual. Maren’s startup provides remote EAs (called ZAs) for entrepreneurs, small teams, and professionals. Zirtual connects high quality professionals with companies desperate for help but not necessarily in a position to hire full-time, on-site staff. Jason and Maren discuss how the idea for Zirtual was born, what it was like moving 400 Zirtual Assistants from independent contracts to employees (and incurring 20%-30% more costs because of this), how most Zirtual Assistants have a “helper” personality type (helping others provides a lot of personal fulfillment), how the recent launch of Zirtual for Teams will be the product that 10x’s this business, how they have an $11 million run-rate after just $4 million in investment and four years operating, an upcoming beta test offering the 3-5 most specialized service requests soon (i.e. PowerPoint, etc.), what it was like to get Tony Hsieh as their first investor, what challenges Maren has faced as a female founder, and much more!

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